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Creation Brainstorming

There has never been a season like this one arising... 

Never before has it been a greater time to use your own skills and instincts to get there...


Welcome to TCBS91

Creation Brainstorming solutions into an empty space of, never done before. New horizons and dreams of visions come to reality by using all available tools making complicated: simple!


TCBS91 Associates an​d Team

Proven track record, real time results!

Our Services

Making companies Millions with inexpensive innovations by example!

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The boss, Richard Langley, Team builder!

Richard Langley

Engineer, Inventor, Consultant, Entrepreneur Coach

Counselor, Leader, Professor, writer

Man of action!

Dr.Edward Smith

Disaster Recovery, Victem Relief and 360 Community Worldview Leader.

Our clients are being lead to a greater success starting with what they have in their hand already.

Award winning Adam Barnett

Adam Barnett

friend, actor, inventor, coach.

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